Willmar Youth & J.O. Volleyball

The Willmar Youth and J.O. Volleyball program was started to provide athletes the opportunity to improve their volleyball skills in the off season. This is a local club administered through the North Country Region Volleyball, which is affiliated with USA Volleyball.

women playing volleyball inside court
man wearing black 13 volleyball jersey

Community and Volunteer-driven

Willmar Volleyball seeks to provide a community and volunteer-driven program to promote the growth and skill development of our players. In addition, we hope to promote a fun, fair and safe environment that maximizes participation and improves players’ skills while developing sportsmanship, teamwork and self-confidence. We also seek to support our Willmar High School volleyball program.

Winter/Spring Volleyball (J.O.) Season

The Willmar J.O. Volleyball season stars with an informational meeting and tryouts for team formation in early to mid-November. Practices will begin in February and run through May, with 1-2 practices per week and 3-6 tournaments per age group. Girls in 5th through 11th grades are eligible to play.

When scheduling the winter/spring volleyball (J.O.) season, we do our best to take into consideration the athlete’s commitment to school sports and activities, academics, and family. School academics and activities should take priority when there is a conflict.

women playing volleyball